Autumn reconstruction

It's a beautiful autumn day. The sun shines, and the red leaves lazy from the trees. On the wire in front of the house, birds are swam to depart for warm landscapes. And I'd prefer to go with them. Get to know the exotic regions, inhabitants and customs of these counties and spring to return back. Instead, I'm sitting in a broken house because we got into reconstruction and wonder what I cook for lunch. An eternal dilemma. I wake up and move to the next room.
Simply Beauty
My gaze is on the new kitchen door, which is already in place. Really a huge change. The whole room, thanks to them, would brightened up with the purity and beautiful rounded carved lines of the beauty. In such beauty scented with novelty, I immediately think of lunch and, as a dessert, I bake a cake. Besides novelty seeing now smells of the whole house penne after Italian and Bábovka.

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