Want to cool your tongue?

You must remember from your childhood how you adored when your parents took you to a few of the best ice delicacies, ice cream. Since then, even ice cream has undergone considerable development! Thanks to several companies, you can enjoy both scoop and draught ice cream in countless delicious flavors.
Enjoy the typical creamy flavour of ice cream with the best and most famous flavors! Surely you have seen Kinder Bueno or Snickers ice cream For example on your travels abroad. Breathtaking!
New collection of ice creams
Even in the Czech Republic, you can enjoy the perfection of ice cream, just in a few new coats. Czech draught ice cream will be with this very soon to compete with the famous Italian or Croatian!

Living walls and sets in our shop

How easy it is to beautify your home. And now it can be even very cheap. Just take advantage of our special offer of living walls and kits and then just admire the new design. Let the living room be assembled by professionals.
Do you want your living room to look elegant, modern, or preferably both together? Then we offer you the widest range of living walls and kits that will make your room a cozy and practical space where you will be happy to spend your time. So don't hesitate and choose from the highest quality.
Beautify your Home
The renovation of the living room has never been so easy. Because no work is waiting for you now. Just choose the living walls and sets and we will take care of all the installation.

Printed Workwear

We offer our customers advertising and corporate clothing, and we specialize in. The assortment is still being expanded according to market requirements. Demands for work or corporate garments are increasing. Therefore, we also extend the offer of colors, their combinations, and types of goods.

The assortment offered by us is suitable for printing textiles or embroidery. We have many years of experience in the field of clothing. We work with companies that deal with embroidery or textile printing. Thanks to this we will gladly provide you with such processing of our products.
Extensive services

We strive to ensure that our services are as reflective as possible of your requirements. We strive to adapt and comply with our customers, including textiles and other services.

Accommodation Mountains

Do you have small children and go with them to the sea you seem risky? You do not have to travel so far, even with us it is beautiful. Go to Šumavu. Is the most beautiful holiday under the sun. Accommodation Mountains This is a joyful holiday.
Offers beautiful accommodation for families with children at favorable prices. Allows you to spend an active vacation, swimming, cycling. Accommodation Mountains also offers other possibilities of enjoyment with children-eg. Bobsleigh track on Lipno or ski resort in Železná Ruda with year-round operation and summer activities incl. Children's playground and trampolines. is perfect for a holiday at every time of the year. Accommodation Hory offers a selection of different types of accommodation in all parts of Šumava.
In Šumava with children
If you take your children to Šumava, you will not regret it. The possibilities of enjoyment, cycling routes, guides, weather, natural and historical attractions are all found in the section of the portal

Advantageous offer

Do you organize conferences and have a room, but the chairs are missing? Buy conference chairs in our company.

With us you buy the required conference chairs very easily. Just enter the right Internet link and you can choose the necessary assortment of goods directly from the table in your office. The 120 types of chairs will show you directly and monitor your computer and you will only choose the necessary type and color.

Advantageous offer

With a larger number of required assortment of goods, which in this case the conference Chair we can offer you a bargain price for chairs and commonplace is the importation of goods free up to the address you specify. In addition, we guarantee up to seven years on all our products. Now it's up to you for what you decide.

Bulletin board

Bulletin board

In case you need to organize your belongings and especially notes, you can be an indispensable helper for you to be bulletin boards.
Bulletin board

In our store you can take boards of all possible designs and the exception is not even the cork. For most of you, this species can be a long-forgotten type of message board, but believe that they will make you the same service as the modern ones, and some of you may prefer it, because you will not be waiting for a complicated installation, come out at half the price and do not need or any special accessories. Just an office pin and a note hanging in place.
Put on a certified product!

Get what you believe and have proven functionality. Decide for yourself, but we believe that in our store you will discover what you need.

Shelving Racks

Your company has been prospying for years, but it also means that you have accumulated the forms you need to store and have no longer to give to you over the years? Buy shelving racks and places will be enough!
It is a simple solution is often the best. With such a product you create a place before you know it. Shelving racks, whether with chipboard shelves or special versions for offices or rooms, will surely fit into the company.
Easily get a cheap place to store things that are currently lying somewhere on the ground or crumpled somewhere in the closet. If these are documents, books or similar material, you will surely welcome the shelves. They are very practical and you will love them.

Washers under Chairs

The fastest, most comfortable and the smartest step to buy any equipment for your workshop or office is the order with our customers, proven and reliable company B2Bpartner. Take a look at our expanded catalogues and choose two office chairs at the price of one for example.

The office chairs of our company B2Bpartner are right for you. Do you want products leather or upholstered? Do you insist on an available price or on a proven brand? Nothing is a problem for us and you will surely choose with us.
The expedition saves you time immediately

Many of our products are available to you immediately. With fast availability, we save you time. Together with free shipping, we save you money. Choose an example of office chairs and you'll pay your smart shop.

Fun games for everyone

1001 Game Play

Each of us needs some time to snort and relax after a difficult day. And for these purposes, there's no better way to open a Web browser and "drive" to a PC game page where you can enjoy tons of fun and get away from everyday problems.
1001 Game Play

1001 Game play is an amazing game portal with thousands of great games, divided into lots of interesting categories like action, sports, or for girls. Everyone will find their own, whether they are a novice player or a skilled pate. You don't have to pay anything, everything is free, the days when you had to give for the games hundreds, even thousands of crowns, are over. No registration required, no fees, nothing. You just sit in your chair and start playing.
Best gaming site

We are a fun, interactive, online gaming site, where you spend many hours and enjoy a lot of fun. You'll never have to get bored, just become a regular visiting 1001 game.

1001 Games will give you fun all year round

Play 1001 games Regardless of time, weather, anyone and anywhere
No one in your neighborhood has time to bother you boring? Don't let her win! On the contrary, turn it on! Watch the 1001 game and choose an activity just for you. There are countless games on offer that will surely appeal to you. That would be a hell of a thing to keep you from boring.
Try a new game every day
Would you like to look into the fantasy department? So step forward and play the Dragon Mage or Dinosaur's baby! For the smaller there is also the dressing of dolls and babies or the famous reflection of balls. Simply, the activities will find all age categories. So feel free to play on 1001 games!
Many options to do
Games on the PC offer many kinds of games from which you can choose! Whether you want to play games logical, sports, racing or cinematic, you will always find something for yourself! So let yourself be drawn into the going and relax with the gameplay, there is nothing easier.