Washers under Chairs

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The office chairs of our company B2Bpartner are right for you. Do you want products leather or upholstered? Do you insist on an available price or on a proven brand? Nothing is a problem for us and you will surely choose with us.
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Fun games for everyone

1001 Game Play

Each of us needs some time to snort and relax after a difficult day. And for these purposes, there's no better way to open a Web browser and "drive" to a PC game page where you can enjoy tons of fun and get away from everyday problems.
1001 Game Play

1001 Game play is an amazing game portal with thousands of great games, divided into lots of interesting categories like action, sports, or for girls. Everyone will find their own, whether they are a novice player or a skilled pate. You don't have to pay anything, everything is free, the days when you had to give for the games hundreds, even thousands of crowns, are over. No registration required, no fees, nothing. You just sit in your chair and start playing.
Best gaming site

We are a fun, interactive, online gaming site, where you spend many hours and enjoy a lot of fun. You'll never have to get bored, just become a regular visiting 1001 game.

1001 Games will give you fun all year round

Play 1001 games Regardless of time, weather, anyone and anywhere
No one in your neighborhood has time to bother you boring? Don't let her win! On the contrary, turn it on! Watch the 1001 game and choose an activity just for you. There are countless games on offer that will surely appeal to you. That would be a hell of a thing to keep you from boring.
Try a new game every day
Would you like to look into the fantasy department? So step forward and play the Dragon Mage or Dinosaur's baby! For the smaller there is also the dressing of dolls and babies or the famous reflection of balls. Simply, the activities will find all age categories. So feel free to play on 1001 games!
Many options to do
Games on the PC offer many kinds of games from which you can choose! Whether you want to play games logical, sports, racing or cinematic, you will always find something for yourself! So let yourself be drawn into the going and relax with the gameplay, there is nothing easier.

How to transport excessive costs

Transporting excessive loads can put you in front of almost unsolvable problems. Get a vehicle of the appropriate dimensions, all the permits, accompanying vehicles and others. That's your head around. We will provide you with a complete service, arrange everything you need, you do not have to worry about anything. We transport to dimensions 15 x 4 and weight 46 tons. The derivatives of waste Prague will provide you with everything you need.  
I need a crane, brand necessarily
We will also provide you with crane work, all over the Czech Republic. We provide complete work using our own technique. You can order the manipulation of objects up to a height of 44 meters and the weight of 35 tons, moving heavy loads, or even technological units. The derivated Waste Prague is a partner for your heavy loads.

Unroasted Grains

What is green coffee? That would be an immature grain? That's what many people think. In fact, however, it is unroasted grains. Treat yourself to this drink because in its natural unroasted form it is a health-beneficial product that is suitable to use for the overall detoxification of the organism and in addition greatly helps weight loss.
If you do not want to waive the experience
It's nice to have a cup without reproing that it's not too good for your health. One would like to have a healthy cause for his body, but he does not want to be left with the experience. This beverage delivers enough energy throughout the day, contains high amounts of antioxidants, accelerates metabolism and digestive processes. Taste it, it will probably be a somewhat different experience for the beginning, but do not be discouraged, some flavors simply have to come to taste.

Does it meet the requirements?

At the moment when I decided to give preference to the advertising flag in front of the advertising tent, the reasons why the tents are a much better promotional element began to multiply. When I say that it is for my office that is in a family house with a garden this is the best alternative, how from a distance to draw attention to my company, I also have to conclude that I found a manufacturer who produced tents not only with the fact that he owns several certificates, but Also, as the only manufactures tents in accordance with the European standard, which just lays down the safety requirements to be respected in the design of calculation, production and installation.
The winner happens!
At first I was skeptical about the fact that I could build this tent or tell someone how to do it, but when I found out that for each tent you receive a instructions for use, where all this is, I was clear.

We teach people to drive

The driving licence is now for everyone, but on the roads, the power of people who could really control their vehicle is not met. We try to change this in our driving school Prague. Our educational system is not the latest, but certainly the most sophisticated. Getting a license is not so difficult, it is much harder to keep it. We believe that the basics of decent behaviour on the roads start at the driving school.
No malfunctions
To ensure that students have the perfect background, they must not only have good rectors, but also have a good vehicle fleet available. We certainly meet this. Each of our cars is subjected to technical inspections with iron regularity. Since our vehicles are new, this might not be necessary, but we wish our students to feel comfortable and safe when driving.

Help yourself to the highest quality

How to take the best care of you and your safety? Only with us can you have it and it is quite cheaply, quality and very practically. Only with our wiring in Brno, you can advantageously help also to have quality care in one. We will replace your appliances and make any adjustments. You can also help in terms of checks so you always know that everything is OK. Take advantage of our versatile help, with which you believe that even you will be very pleased.
Take advantage of total service, work and service quality
Feel free to take advantage of our sensational help, if needed, to help you advantageously and very well. Only with our wiring in Brno, you can have the best safety, which is very important in households and elsewhere. Just with us, you can help in many ways and so do not hesitate to use our quality and fast service as well. We can solve anything, it's possible to be completely confident.

Be original!

Do you want to attract the ordinary citizen with your irresistible program? Although you made the first last one, you still cannot lure it in any way? We have a solution for you – promotional items! Throw a head of time when you were in vain approached by crowds of people with some of their lucrative offerings. Now everything will go much easier.
Enrich your potential client
If you add something interesting to your speech — say, a pencil — and you won't be charged for that pencil, you'll probably get more attention to the opposite side. What else are you waiting for? Print your t-shirts, create your balloons, or rely on good old pens of different colours. The choice is purely for you, but one thing is certain, things with the logo of your company are free of charge.

Even long-term computer sessions can be comfortable

The office is the place where the working activities that are carried out are predominant. Therefore, it is important, among other amenities, to have perfectly comfortable furniture designed for long-term seating. This is a modern office chair that can ensure maximum comfort.
The B2B partner has a sufficient choice of quality seating for all those interested in his online shop, which is suitable for long-term use. The high-quality office chair, thanks to its design solution, is able to take care of the necessary comfort and maximum comfort.
Modern office chair-comfortable, quality
Choose your convenience online and get a seat that is able to meet your individual needs. A modern office chair in a variety of designs and at great prices is ready for immediate dispatch.