S R.O.

Prior to the emergence of a new limited liability company, it is necessary to establish this company. The whole thing is not very time-consuming, and if you decide to put yourself in all the preparations yourself, be patient and decide in a thorough study of what you need for it.

Any mistake in the whole process of founding the. R.O. time when your new founding company will be registered in the commercial register. If you are not sure about what you should do, it is preferable to pay a lawyer with a specialsbusiness law, which you all calmly prepared and you are assured that there will be no time delays in the processing of all bases on the relevant offices.

What to submit?

Documents, applications, extracts from the Register of Sentences, trade certificates and other necessarydocuments together, for example, with a confirmation of the deposit at the founding of the company, you must provide proof of the relevant places and do not neglect anything. If everything happens, you can look forward to your founding after about 5 weeks. -limited liability companies.

S R.O.
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