For half an hour he played billiards with a bunch of economists who in one piece solved whether binary options were scam or not. Not that he didn't take a lot of fun with them before they got stuck in their topic. Michael leaned on his cue and let the neighbor break the next game. He thought he was moving away, but the boy in the grey jacket and pink tie had a beautiful butt. Michael liked the enthusiasm he spoke about verified shares. He was not interested in the topic, such as the way of speech, mimic, gestation, character and tone.
University of Ostrava
He recognized the Ostrava accent. He spoke briefly, quickly, to the point, and utterly unwavering. Sometimes he took some kind of vulgarism, but it is a known fact that such words are used in Ostrava instead of punctuation. He was there once for some action on the day of the open door of a local university, with a trauma from it.

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