That’s how it approaches

Today, it has changed somewhat, and today's regime is not so strict on the citizens of its country, so nothing is as predictable and simple as it used to be, but most sheep are moving in certain established borders, and some things can anticipate Whole without any problems, without the need of services of professional hoses from cards, seers, astrologers, or horoscopes from the social sections of the dozen, the wannabe of interesting magazines.
That is why a lot of citizens assume that even one is waiting for retirement, or a well-deserved rest, as it used to be said, before retirement became the stigma of someone who doesn't do anything and just eats out of government money, in a supermarket queued at the cashier and doesn't like Tattooed, feted and deaf youth, freely and democratically spreing their self-expression on the newly reconstructed façade of the Baroque church.

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